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Multifamily, Retail, Light-Industrial and Office properties.

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Commercial Loans Florida

Unlike traditional lenders, Commercial Loans Florida looks at the complete picture of your business - not just the balance sheet. Commercial Loans Florida invests in people, not numbers. Commercial Loans Florida offers competitive loans to small, medium and large companies worldwide.

Commercial Loans Florida offers multifamily, commercial & SBA financing.

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  • Loan Types
  • Property Types
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  • Commercial-loan-purchase Purchase

    Commercial-loan-refinance Refinance

    Commercial-loan-cash-out Cash Out

    Commercial-loan-conventional Conventional

    Commercial-loan-portfolio Portfolio

    Commercial-loan-debt consolidation Debt Consolidation

    Commercial-loan-property-improvements Property Improvements

    Commercial-loan-working-capital Working Capital

    Commercial-loan-SBA SBA

    Commercial-loan-bridge Bridge

    Gentlemen's club financing Gentlemen's club financing

  • Commercial-loan-multi-family Multi-Family

    Commercial-loan-retial Retail

    Commercial-loan-medical Medical

    Commercial-loan-restaurants Restaurants

    Commercial-loan-gas-stations Gas Stations

    Commercial-loan-office Office

    Commercial-loan-mixed-use Mixed Use

    Commercial-loan-special-purpose Special Purpose

    Commercial-loan-mobile-home Mobile Home

    Commercial-loan-self-storage Self Storage

    Commercial-loan-hotel Hotel

    Commercial-loan-industrial Industrial

  • Commercial-small-loan- Small: Less than $3 Million

    Commercial-medium-loan- Medium: $3 to $9 Million

    Commercial-large-loan- Large: Over $10 Million

    Commercial-eb5-loan- EB5: Over $50 Million


business-loan-30-year fixed rates SFR, condos, multifamily, office, retail, warehouse, self-storage, automotive service (no gas).

business-loan-10-year interest-only Purchase & Refinance

business-loan-30-year fixed rates 3 & 8 Years Fixed Rate

business-loan-10-year interest-only 65%-70% LTV

business-loan-Light Doc and No ratio NO income docs

business-loan-90% CLTV available on SBA $100K - $5MM

business-loan-12-MAT, COFI, LIBOR available Individual & LLC/Corp

business-loan-Letters of interest Min Score 650

business-loan-Up to 80% LTV 30 Years amortization

business-loan-Up to 80% LTV Rates 7.99% +


business-loan-30-year fixed rates Multifamily 5+ units, Mobile Home Parks, Mixed Use, Office, Retail, Lt Industrial, Self-Storage

business-loan-10-year interest-only $500K -$5MM

business-loan-10-year interest-only 75% LTV

business-loan-10-year interest-only DSR 1.35-1.20/ LTV 75%

business-loan-Letters of interest Min Score 700

business-loan-Light Doc and No ratio 30 Years amortization

business-loan-Up to 80% LTV Rates 7.75%