The loan programs we have are customised to meet the needs of Associations that are dealing with large capital expenditures. Our programs are designed to work directly with the board members and the property managers in order to guarantee that an Association is able to successfully improve their market value and complete any necessary repairs.

Effective approval process

Our ability to quickly respond to loan requests assures Associations that our process is straightforward and logical. As soon as we receive your loan application, we work quickly to establish a payment structure that would be most beneficial to the Association. Once the bank has approved the loan amount, a letter of commitment is written up for the Association that details the terms and conditions of the loan.

Once the Association has accepted the letter of commitment, then loan documentation is provided for the Association to review, sign and ultimately approve. If needed we would be delighted to meet with Association board members any time during the approval process to clarify and discuss any of the terms in the loan program.

Advice from trusted professionals

We understand the financial concerns that Association members have. Our team is full of industry experts who offer competitive terms and loan rates, including:

  • Fixed or floating options

    Standard documentation to keep attorney fees to a minimum

    Sound professional advice on the integrity of projects

We offer personal service and advice that larger banks are unable to offer. Our professionals have years of experience in the banking industry and have completed numerous loan transactions for Community Associations. We are market leaders in providing Associations with financial services.

This is a lot of information, however, we tell you all you need to know up front, which allows us to be able to respond to your requests immediately.

Listed below are items that we need in order for us to begin processing your loan.
1. The Association's CPA prepared fiscal year-end financial statements for the last two years and tax returns for the last year.
2. A copy of the current fiscal year's budget with year to date actual results for the current year and projected budget, if applicable.
3. Itemized delinquency report and a current list of accounts payable.%
4. Copy of recent deposit account statements to confirm operating and reserve account balances.
5. List of owners, tenants, addresses and assessment per unit.
6. Copies of By-Laws and Declarations inclusive of all subsequent amendments.
7. Detailed description of improvements/repairs planned and copies of contracts, engineering reports and reserve study.
8. Delinquency collection policy, units owned by the association, and owner occupancy ratio.
9. Names, addresses and phone numbers of accountant, attorney, contractor, and current Association Board members.
10. Copy of the past three months of Board meeting minutes.
11. Describe the lawsuits brought by or brought against the association.
12. Describe the complex, number of units, and number of buildings.

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