Contrsuction and Development

We work directly with funds for construction development from USD $5 million and up via straight debt, joint venture and combination programs.

Straight debt funding is available up to 90% loan to costs of development in most stable locations globally. This program requires the developer to have 10% of the requested funding amount in new cash for down payment. Terms and rates are set project by project. This program is a direct bank funding from our bank.

Joint Venture funding is available in the USA, Caribbean, Central America, and other locations on a project by project basis, from 95% to 98% loan to costs. Our JV position will be determined on a project by project basis considering developer equity invested, loan to value, and loan to costs.

We offer combination programs globally, but only to the best of the best, those projects that can clearly demonstrate an ability to deliver, complete and operate the project.

Projects that cannot or will not supply minimum cash to funding at 2% of the requested funding amount are not accepted on any program.

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